ON MASCULINITies - A visual storyteller

Masculinity for me is a two-fold term. On one hand, it means that because I am a man, the world expects me to be tough and stern, and to “be a man” about issues that may concern me. However to me personally, being masculine means being able to share my feelings & emotions when appropriate, without prejudice. Being a sensitive man does not mean that one is feminine. It’s quite the opposite. A masculine individual might be a sensitive person but may still adhere to traditional gender roles, such as being dominant when intimate. Or he may be closed-up on a social level, but is able to express himself to those he knows on an intimate level. The term can may vary across different eras, cultures, sub-communities and such. I am masculine when I want, and feminine when I want. And I am proud of that balance.”

A Visual Storyteller