PASSARO is a responsible menswear label. We respond to the desire for new, while producing less. We design garments that have an extended aesthetic life time by introducing new design elements 6 months after the first release. We call it UPDESIGN.

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The problem, and opportunity: 

The current system of fast fashion is reliant on overconsumption where clothes are designed for short term use. In 2016, the UK alone recorded 300,000 tonnes of clothing sent to landfill (Warp, 2017). The fast fashion model produces clothing to be desired for only a short period of time, thus clothing is not a cherished possession. The industry is becoming aware that now is the time to change, we cannot continue without considering political, environmental and ethical issues (BOF / Premiere Vision Paris). 

While the number of sustainable products in the market is increasing, demand for conscious products in the high end/luxury market remains unsatisfied. When you consider Millennials (1981-1995) and Gen X (1961-1980) represent as much as 64% of the UK market combined, a demographic that seeks brands that align with their environmental and ethical values, which once found they are likely to pay more for, suggests there is a big opportunity.

Additionally, the menswear market will outperform the womenswear market in the next 5 years (Global data, 2018). A survey conducted by Razor reported that only 7 percent of men globally relate to the way masculinity is depicted in the media and represented by brands. 

Consumers want products tailored to their choice and needs (Unmade, 2018). Nike Sold $500M customised products in 2018 and luxury brands such as Vuitton, Gucci and Dior offer personalisation services in the form of monogram or small details such as badges or keyrings. There is a market looking for personalisation and tailored products. As this In the high end menswear market top of the tailored products pyramid are bespoke garments. However the costs can be extremely high and designs are often considered classic with a lack of originality. In the sustainable product range we came across products such as reversible jackets, but again this market shows lack of originality.

PASSARO goes beyond the small monogram or keyring. We combine sustainable and ethical practices, and offer variety by allowing customers to become co-designers.


Our Solution:

PASSARO focuses on promoting healthy masculinity. It is our aim to create a brand that offers something different and we do this through our unique selling point of UPDESIGN: Garments designed to have an extended life time by introducing new design elements 6 months after their first release. We respond to the desire for new while producing less.

This offers variety to consumers encouraging them to buy high quality clothing that lasts. UPDESIGN allows the consumer to return their original garment to PASSARO and give it new life. The customer engages in the selection of design features which inspires an emotional connection and increases the chance of a long term relationship with the garment. 

UPDESIGN will allow PASSARO to stay competitive and differentiated from the rest of the marketplace. We will utilise a premium business model in which we create a limited quantity of products with superior quality. This will also help us to be measured and control our production and supply chain.

Example of Updesign

Example of Updesign


PASSARO will release two collections per year. At the beginning of our journey we will work on a 70% ready-to-wear and 30% UPDESIGN split per collection, becoming 50/50 in time. 

Initially (YR 1 - 3), we will enter the market through selected stockists to have visibility but mainly sell through our ecommerce platform.

Once in the market (YR 3 - 5), we will focus on a direct to consumer brand online. Customers will be able order the product and its first release of options (spring summer collection) through our online store. After the second release (fall winter collection), the customer would have the possibility to send us the garment to have it altered with the new options available. This offers the customer the possibility to have a feeling of newness with a lower cost than buying an entire new garment.

Example : TROUSERS 001 (Released in March for a retail price of £260) will have an option A for £70, and two new possible design features, B or C, in September. The Measure line service would cost £120/£230. If the customer wants a new feature, he will have the choice to come in store with the TROUSER 001 or send us the trouser with an online pre-paid box.