The world is characterised and defined by uncertainties, yet we are still expected to deliver a stable self. We spend our days trying to figure out a way to build our personal identities through constant growing process, becoming more alienated day by day. We have been pressured to believe that we need to present ourselves as if we were entirely aware of what it is we are and aspire to be.

It is a complicated way of being - constantly corresponding with the needs of society in order to form an union and meet the expectations of others, while still trying to maintain a valuable self. Self is defined through the masquerade and there is no self apart from it.

As we grow older, the question ‘’why'' becomes almost a phenomenon. By accepting everything life throws our way we numbly follow the system of trivialities, fuelled by mass conformity, mass values and beliefs. Modern man often becomes a ‘’free-floater'' who signifies nothing beyond himself. The frustration grows and one no longer knows his place and meaning in the world. The options are endless and kept open - which is way being disconnected in order to connect again, should be a crucial element in ones life in order to achieve full solitude and explore themselves.

Ieva Lasmane, photographer.

Exclusive Editorial at The Pink Prince Magazine