Born in France with Portuguese heritage, Steven Passaro is a menswear designer based in London. 

At the age of 19, Steven entered the set and interior design course of Duperré where he developed his ability and taste for constructions. During his time in Paris, Steven worked for Christian Dior as an assistant VM designer while learning sewing and pattern-making. 

In 2016 he moved to London to study at the London College of Fashion, where he graduated with a MA in fashion design technology with distinction. His work was showcased at the Men’s London Fashion Week in January 2019.

Steven’s work has always looked for that one thing that is constant, a signature. It took him years to realise that life is about change, that he, as an individual and a designer, would grow and evolve constantly. In a world where nothing is constant, growth became his fascination, a territory to conquer and master through fashion.

The MA collection embodies the first explorations focused on the mind and the multiple bodies we possess. Traditional menswear is represented by the suit, often restricting the movements of the body. In the development of this collection, memories and emotions are materialised in pleats and folds that give our inner life motion, thus allowing and prompting movement.