Helmed by the french designer Steven Passaro, PASSARO brings together a team united by their values and belief in a responsible design approach focused on quality. Launched in London in 2018, the house was born of an ambition to create innovative fashion driven garments at an international level.

My understanding of my role as a designer is to reflect and address society’s concerns. There is an urgent need to take an emotional approach in response to the environmental and social pressures in our contemporary society. Often, our individual struggles are also shared, faced by others throughout the community and vice versa. It is a mental projection between the interior and exterior landscape.

Through my personal experience with mental health, I have understood and felt the importance of nurturing our relationships between oneself, humans and our environment. The reality of one’s connection with nature goes beyond our current understanding.

PASSARO is a space to continuously explore this connection.


Men live under the imperative belief that they are not supposed to show their feelings. When we talk about men and emotion, we think opposition. As a social construction, men perform their masculinity and tend to hide their feelings to not appear vulnerable. Such repression creates high expectations and situations that are harmful to our wellbeing, as well as others. 


PASSARO aims to bring a sense of belonging by creating a space for humans to express their unique vision of masculinity.  The fold design is our signature, and it embodies this philosophy.

Courtesy of Ieva Lasmane

Courtesy of Ieva Lasmane


Waste is a symptom of expired empathy, a failed relationship. As a result, I want to induce emotional connection and durability between humans, their objects and their environment by adding new design elements to garments than encouraging our customer to buy a new one every season.


PASSARO is not perfect, and I agree with Yvon Chouinard, there is nothing such as fully sustainable. There is only the best we can do to cause the least amount of harm while creating opportunities for better lives. Being responsible is a work in progress, and I am engaged to responsibly designing garments that last and evolve with time.